Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning is an extremely important, and often forgotten, aspect of outdoor care. Pruning and maintaining shrubs allows for them flourish into shape and express their true character. Clean-cut shrubs not only look great but also live longer and bud stronger flowers. Whether it’s removing stems near the base to allow increased exposure to sunlight, or selectively trimming off diseased, dead, or dying plants, we will not make a cut without the health of your plant in mind.

Pruning is Important!

When tree branches hang too low for example, they could easily cause injury to animals and people passing under them. V-shaped crotches are also prone to splitting especially during windy seasons, which poses a huge risk to people living or passing by.


Aesthetics is all about beauty. You want your home and the neighborhood in general to look good and cared for. Pruning can greatly help with that.