Protect Your Property by Mulching

Mulching materials are important to improve soil quality and to retain internal moisture. Mulching benefits the health of trees and shrubs within the bed by reducing water loss and eliminating unwanted weeds. Mulching also has many other benefits including the regulation of temperature, the aiding of aeration, and optimizing drainage. In addition mulching ties a yard together by providing a well kept, clean cut appearance and highlighting your shrubs and trees.

The Importance of Mulching

Mulch is an important part of any garden or landscaping design project. As a method of improving soil quality and maintaining moisture, mulch will also help regulate temperature, aid in aeration, and assist with drainage. Basic mulch will eventually break down and become part of the soil, adding to the nutrients and soil quality. Different types of mulch will work better in different situations, however.

Keep Out of the Weeds!

Mulching helps prevent weed growth and keeps your trees and shrubs looking well maintained. Especially good for dryer climates, a mulch layer will help retain moisture in the soil and maximize your watering efforts. In winter, products like bark can add insulation against severe cold. Organic mulch encourages earthworms to live in your garden, again helping improve soil quality by adding aggregates, which assist with aeration and drainage. Fragrant materials like cedar can work as a natural bug repellent. Another benefit of mulching your landscaping is the reduced amount of labor your yard will need. Reducing weeds and mowing you can drastically decrease the overall maintenance of your landscape.