Feed Your Lawn

In order to keep your Wayland lawn, flowers, shrubs, and trees in good health you must provide them with the proper nutrition. As most homeowners probably know, water is very crucial to a plants survival — however, food is generally overlooked.

The Perfect Formula

Fertilizer comes in many different forms and variations with limited availability dependent on the season. We can analyze soil samples from your lawn and garden beds, diagnose existing nutrients, and prescribe a solution. Our remedies are client specific to ensure that we add the correct nutrients to maximize your vegetation’s growth.

Know Your Lawn

Now is also the perfect time to have a soil test done on your lawn. Why? The test will let you know what nutrients your lawn is lacking and will point you in the right direction so you can be sure of selecting the proper fertilizer for your needs. While you are having soil testing done, be sure to check out lawn's pH level as well.

When applying fertilizer, it is also important to know if your lawn is planted with cool or warm season grass. Cool season grasses -- such as bent grass, Kentucky bluegrass, and ryegrass benefit the most from fall fertilizing after your fall clean up. Here in Wayland, most lawns are planted with cool season grasses, which thrive in our climate of cold winters and warm summers.