Professionally Installed Watering Systems

Irrigation systems ensure that your lawn is provided an even supply of nutrients and water. We take into account specific measurements and the layout of your yard before providing you with a plan of how many heads and valves are needed. Here at Millennial Landscaping we only implement the highest quality and most technically advanced materials for your installation to ensure long-term success from your irrigation system.

Life for a Lawn in Wayland

Spring is known to be a happy season for homeowners mainly because the lawns and gardens are usually thriving. Slowly the grass turns green and flowers blossom resulting in a radiant cooler, and more livable neighborhood. It can be a beauty to behold thanks to the spring rains.

Unfortunately, the rains are never very reliable and times often come when the little rain that is available is not sufficient to support deep green lawns. It is in such times that lawn irrigation services can become invaluable.

Increase Your Home's Value

If you intend to sell your home in the coming months or within the next few years, there couldn’t be a better way to add a few thousand dollars to the selling price. Think of it this way; as soon as the potential buyer goes through the gate, the first thing in sight is usually the lawn and the yard in general. There are situations when a buyer will pay for a house just because the lawn was too good. (Of course a thriving lawn always means the home in general is taken great care of).

Water Conservation 101

Professional lawn irrigation is a great way to save on water bills while maintaining a thick, deep green lawn. Everyone is trying to save on costs and water bills, especially if you also want to use the water to irrigate the lawn, must be keenly checked. By watering regularly but economically, professional irrigators can help you save a bunch by end of year.

Improve the Health of Your Lawn

This is probably the greatest benefit of irrigated lawns. With regular watering, your grass will grow faster and greener. Irrigation takes more oxygen to the roots, which will spur this growth. Hydrated soils are also better aerated.

This alone greatly improves the livability of the home and will often play a part in uplifting the mood of everyone around. Children will have thicker grass to play on and even your visitors will love what they see.

Key Take-Away's

If done appropriately, irrigation can be the difference between a plush, green lawn and an unkempt, patched-up yard. As long as you can find a reliable,